How it started

The True2You Magazine is an initiative by the INDERA Foundation intended to lead the way for educational material for young people, teachers, youth professionals and parents.

It was developed in the context of the EU project “I can choose to say no.

Empowering youth, especially girls, to stand up against cyber sexual and gender-based violence in intimate partner relationships”, implemented by the Autonomous Women’s Center (AWC) in Beograd, Serbia; CESI – Centar Za Edukaciju Savjetovanje I Istrazivanje in Zagreb, Croatia; Nok A Nokert Egyutt Az Eroszak Ellen Egyesulet – NANE in Budapest, Hungary and Fundación INDERA in Barcelona, Spain.

Fundacion Indera
True2You Logo


The True2You Portal was born in 2020 in collaboration with the INDERA Foundation and the German association GPL Gesundheit.Philosophie.Leben. Collaborating to translate the True2You Magazine into German to reach more young people and due to the global restrictions and lockdowns the need for a more global and easy accesible platform brought this News Portal to life.

At the beginning of 2021 it was put into practice and again with funds from the EU project “ICanSayNo” and funds from GPL this Platform was born.

The True2You Team

This platform wouldn’t be what it is today without a huge team of volunteers who are consistently and relentlessly working behind the scenes to maintain this platform alive and a living platform of support, re-education and exchange for young people.

We have a team of volunteers who do all the invisible admin work, uploading articles, refining articles, attending to technical issues and assuring the overall flow of the platform.

We have a team who is developing together with young people more content for articles, quizzes, tests and anything that offers youth the support they need to build a loving relationship with themselves and from there with others, living in a way that enables them to say NO to abuse and violence and YES to their bodily integrity.


True2You Global

The interest for True2You grew rapidly and we have a multilingual support team of professionals who answer all the incoming questions and give weekly online support via zoom to all the young people who are looking for answers on how to be True2You in a world that has little to offer on that subject.

Moreover, we have a translation team who makes sure all articles are up to date in all languages and that our Q&A section is always available in English, Spanish, Catalan, German, Serbian and soon also in Dutch!