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I’m bi and haven’t been in a relationship before but wanted to ask how do lesbians have sex?

Whatever anyone’s sexual orientation there is no scripted or ‘perfect’ way to have sex.

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How do I know if my boyfriend/girlfriend is abusive? How can I handle it?

A relationship with a partner is about two people loving and caring for each other. When it comes to relationships there is no place for …

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Drunk sex.. What if I don’t have any memory the next day? Was that violence?

First of all, if you cannot remember the details of what happened you should rethink your use of alcohol or drugs. Often influenced by our …

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Can I get the morning after pill under 16??

Yes. If someone is under 16 and has had unprotected sex they are able to get the morning after pill. The morning after pill, also …

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Support Groups

Here you can meet with our professional team to talk about sex, love, relationships, safety online and mainly about anything that’s on your mind – a judgement-free zone to get and give advice within a group.​

Support Group Self love
Online Support Group

Self-esteem and Self-Love

Support Group Who am I
Online Support Group

Who am I?

Support Group Violence
Online Support Group

Violence and Abuse

Support Group My Body
Online Support Group

My Body


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