Cyber Abuse
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Featured DataViolence1

Data on Violence

‪This data is based on a survey done within the ‬EU-‪project #ICanSayNO implemented with young people in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Spain‪.‬

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Featured Bystander2

What does a bystander mean?

A bystander is a person who is aware, witnesses or suspects that someone is being abused offline or online.

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Featured RevenchPorn01

Revenge Porn & Sexpreading

Revenge porn involves the distribution of sexually explicit images or videos, without consent of the individuals shown.

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Featured Cyber Violance

CYBER VIOLENCE – Do you really wanna hurt me

It is important to realize that consequences of cyber violence can be just as dangerous as if the violence occurred offline. Consequences can vary – from fear, anxiety, lack of concentration to sleep disturbances, depression, isolation, or even suicide.

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Cyber Violence … Know your Enemy!

Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking are both criminal acts with sanctions, including fines or prison!

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Featured See something

When you see something would you do something?

You’re at a birthday party, a girl nearby has had a lot to drink and is being harassed by someone. What do you do?

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