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Feature image Dating

Dating – Tips

Dating can take you to highs and lows. You may be excited and have the strongest feelings of your life but if it’s not going well or the relationship ends, we can find ourselves being devastated. So, what’s the key to not letting this happen?

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Featured A Love Letter to my Body

A love letter to my body

A young mens sharing how truly caring for yourself can change your whole life.

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Featured Body Weight

A number shouldn’t tell me how to feel about myself

Do you sometimes make your mood dependent on the number on the body scale? This is a super inspiring Testmonial from Paula on this topic.

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Feature image Connect with you

Connect With You

Your body is constantly communicating with you, are you willing to listen?

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Featured TuneIn

Tune In

Could it be that we learn to become someone else, seeking our happiness on the outside and from other people, not feeling that we just can be ourselves?

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Featured WhatIsSelfLove

What is Self-Love?

When you love and accept yourself, you don’t feel the need to seek approval or recognition from others. Theres no need to look outside of you.

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