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Featured DataViolence1

Data on Violence

‪This data is based on a survey done within the ‬EU-‪project #ICanSayNO implemented with young people in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Spain‪.‬

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Featured What are your needs

What are your needs?

Needs are our conditions, wishes and perceptions of what we deserve and what we should or can ask of ourselves and others.

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Featured Bystander2

What does a bystander mean?

A bystander is a person who is aware, witnesses or suspects that someone is being abused offline or online.

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Featured WaysSayNO

Communicate and express your needs

You are much stronger in any situation if you do not focus on what the other did or said, but on how you feel in this situation.

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Featured TestimonayJealousy2 1

Testimony on Jealousy

“I was in a relationship where every move I did was controlled.” Read this testimonial on jealousy!

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Featured WeGetThaughtLove

We get taught what “Love” is

How do we learn to love? How do we learn how to be in a relationship or what to expect of a relationship?

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Featured DefinitionsViolance

Definitions on cyber violence

Cyber violence is an online behavior that assaults the well-being of a person or group, causing physical, sexual, psychological harm to them.

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Featured PretendingNothingHappened

Pretend that nothing happened…

Violent relationships don’t become violent from one day to another and neither do they stay violent 24/7. Violence doesn’t start suddenly.

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Featured RevenchPorn01

Revenge Porn & Sexpreading

Revenge porn involves the distribution of sexually explicit images or videos, without consent of the individuals shown.

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Featured WheelOfPowerControl

The Power and Control wheel

The Power and Control Wheel shows us the red flags of an abusive relationship and how power and control are used to manipulate.

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Featured RomanticLoveGroup

Romantic Love – is it True Love?

Romantic love teaches us that without a partner we’re nothing and that ‘romantic loves conquers everything’

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Featured HelpFriendAbusedcouple

How to help a friend who is being abused?

By initiating a conversation about the violence, you are showing the victim that you care, and that they are not alone.

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Featured TuneIn

Tune In

Could it be that we learn to become someone else, seeking our happiness on the outside and from other people, not feeling that we just can be ourselves?

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