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Feature image 0354 Hormonal Contraception for Woman

Hormonal Contraception for Woman

There are some non-artificial hormone types of contraception which are the condom, diaphragm, copper IUD and sponge. This article provides some basic information on forms of hormonal contraception.

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Feature image 0333 The Clitoris

The Clitoris

The clitoris is an amazing power source in the female body and the depth of pleasure our bodies can hold by design is misunderstood at best, often actively discouraged and generally unknown.

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Feature image 0332 The Vulva and Vagina

The Vulva and the Vagina

The vulva is the name for the external parts of the female genitals and often mistakenly called the vagina. The vulva and labia form the entrance of the vagina, and the vagina is the internal, or inside part of the female genitals.

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Feature image Being a woman in her cycles

Being a Woman and our Cycles

A Testimonial by Monica who had irregular periods and was diagnosed with cystic ovarian syndrome.

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Featured TheMenstrualCycle

The Menstrual Cycle – the ‘Power Plant’ of the Female Body

What if in truth the female body is very powerful and part of this power is the menstrual cycle and reproductive system and the connection to this, it brings?

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Featured MythsAboutMen

Myths about Menstruation – our True Period Poverty

What do we actually truly know about our menstrual cycle?

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Feature image BIAS 1200 × 800px

#BreakTheBias – International Women’s Day 2022

#BreakTheBias – is it possible to break something that is already broken?

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Feature image 0407 Cycle of the moon

The Cycle of the Moon

No matter the age or sex, there is always a cycle to which we can pay attention…

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Feature image 0406 Self care checklist Women 2

Self-Care Checklist for Girls

Watching yourself and what happens in your body increases your awareness of how you feel and how you react to different situations and people.

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Feature image 0403 Menstruation Cycle

The Menstruation Cycle

It’s common for us to focus on only one part of the cycle, the menstruation (period) phase and forget or loose sight that the cycle is a whole and not just one part.

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