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Feature image Dating

Dating – Tips

Dating can take you to highs and lows. You may be excited and have the strongest feelings of your life but if it’s not going well or the relationship ends, we can find ourselves being devastated. So, what’s the key to not letting this happen?

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Featured What about Connection

What about connection?

Have you realised, the most important thing about sex is CONNECTION.

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Featured Single by Choice

Single by choice

Can we be single by choice? If you are single, do you feel like you have to explain or justify why you are not with someone?

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Feature image What is intimacy

What is intimacy?

When we think of intimacy what normally comes to our mind is being physically close with a partner or having a sexual relationship. What if intimacy is more than that?

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Feature image unhealthy Healthy relationships

Unhealthy & Healthy Relationships

Being in an unhealthy or toxic relationship costs us more than we think. We may want to ignore it or brush it aside thinking but the more we do this the more it delays us having healthy relationships with other people.

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FEATURED Sexual Affective Responsibility

Sexual-affective responsibility

Sexual affective responsibility is making informed decisions and choices with your partner .

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Featured 257 Love Making

24/7 Love Making

Love is something that is naturally within all of us and an important part of our being. So then, what does it mean to ‘make love 24/7’?

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FEATURED Lets talk about Sex

Let’s talk about Sex

Whether it’s your first or twenty-first time, sex should always be something that you feel to do, want to do and do not feel pressured into.

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Featured Relationships

Every Relationship is about LOVE

Aren’t we always in relationship? So what is the quality of all our relationships?

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Feature image All we want Love

All we want is Love

In truth all we want is love and to be loved.

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Featured WaysSayNO

Communicate and express your needs

You are much stronger in any situation if you do not focus on what the other did or said, but on how you feel in this situation.

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Featured TestimonayJealousy2 1

Testimony on Jealousy

“I was in a relationship where every move I did was controlled.” Read this testimonial on jealousy!

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Featured WeGetThaughtLove

We get taught what “Love” is

How do we learn to love? How do we learn how to be in a relationship or what to expect of a relationship?

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Featured PretendingNothingHappened

Pretend that nothing happened…

Violent relationships don’t become violent from one day to another and neither do they stay violent 24/7. Violence doesn’t start suddenly.

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Featured WheelOfPowerControl

The Power and Control wheel

The Power and Control Wheel shows us the red flags of an abusive relationship and how power and control are used to manipulate.

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