Is it normal if I don’t want to have sex anymore in a relationship? At first it was exciting.

If you don’t want to have sex anymore, it is important to look why you don’t feel like it. There can be many reasons for this. Sex is something very intimate between your body and another body, even though there is a tendency today to make it very casual and functional. We call this ‘free sex’, but what does this actually mean?

When it comes to sex, always feel into your body and what gives you pleasure and the love you would like to feel. Sex is all about connection with another person, it is the physical getting together of a loving and caring relationship you have with someone. So perhaps it would be good to look at how you are in your relationship on a daily basis, how much you ‘make love’ with each other without getting physical. Why would you feel to connect with your partner physically if you live disconnected from each other all day?

Also, talk with your friends or people you trust about what is sex for you. Today with the influence of porn, a lot of people do things sexually that they don’t actually enjoy, so it is possible you don’t like what you have made sex to be in your relationship.