What is considered violence in a relationship?

There are the more obvious aspects of violence in a relationship, when your partner is physically violent with you in any form. This can be pushing, hitting, sexual violence, etc. However, there are much more subtle forms of violent behaviour that may be happening in your relationship. They are equally violent and abusive and may even lead to physical violence. If your partner controls you; what you do, with whom you meet, what you wear, is disrespectful, treats you less, is pressuring you into having sex when you don’t want to, this is all violence.

Just because someone is your partner, it doesn’t mean they have the right to do anything to you which you would not allow with any other person.

You are in a relationship to love and care for each other and this should be always your highest standard.

The more you claim that love and care is what forms the basis of your relationship, you will also realize that your awareness of what abuse and violence is changes too.