What non-physical forms of violence exists?

Great question!! Our focus is so much on violence being physical that we have become a society that has normalized all kinds of abusive behaviours. We yell at each other, we are disrespectful, we insult, we manipulate, we pressure, we oppress and emotionally manipulate, we exclude and bully people, we deprive people from love and care, we ignore people or pretend they don’t exist, we control with money and affection…. It’s very sad, and the list is endless….

The small and moderate abuses we are living with on a daily basis are having a huge impact on our emotional, psychological and mental health and well-being. On both sides – if we do it and when we receive it. These aspects are called emotional and psychological violence, also social violence and financial violence. Check out our article on Forms of Violence

If you feel that you are experiencing any form of violence, please contact a social health service. On our support page you will find contact details for your country. You can also sign up for one of our True2You Support Groups